S50125 5.0-12.5µm Prototype Spectrometer

Mid-infrared (MIR) photospectroscopy is used in both industry and research for non-invasive characterisation of gasses, liquids and solids. The NLIR MIR spectrometer is based on a novel measurement scheme that upconverts the MIR light to near-visible light. Near-visible light detectors (for example CCD or CMOS arrays) are far superior to MIR light detectors (for example MCT arrays) in terms of detectivity, speed and noise. The NLIR upconversion technology therefore brings these attractive features, and the advantages that follow, to the MIR regime. The NLIR S50125 spectrometer covers a broad part of the MIR spectrum where the spectral fingerprints of many materials are located.

S50125 5.0-12.5μm MIR Spectrometer Prototype
Bandwidth5.0 – 12.5 μm / 800 – 2000 cm-1
SNR @ 1 s~ 4.000 (depending on light source)
Resolution8 cm-1
Min. exposure time10.8 μs
Maximum spectrum readout rate> 100 Hz
Optical inputFree space
Measurement optionsTransmission, ATR
Bit depth16 bit
Physical dimensions (h × l × w)90mm ×275mm ×175mm