Mid-Infrared Fiber Spectrometer S2050

– a new paradigm in mid-infrared light detection

Mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy is used in both industry and research for non-invasive characterisation of gasses, liquids and solids as well as characterisation of light sources. The NLIR MIR Fibre Spectrometer is based on a novel measurement scheme that upconverts the MIR light to near-visible light. Silicon-based near-visible light detectors, for example CCDs, are far superior to MIR light detectors in terms of detectivity, speed and noise. The NLIR upconversion technology therefore brings these attractive features, and the advantages that follow, to the MIR regime.

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Our Fiber Spectrometer can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Characterization of
    • CW light sources
    • Super Continuum sources
  • Laser spectrum analysis
  • Laser production certification
  • Combustion, flame and fire analysis
  • Characterization of geological samples


  • Carbon Hydrate Gas monitoring
  • Environmental Gas detection
  • Oil in water / water in oil detection
  • Food storage gas analysis
  • Transmission and reflection spectroscopy of
    • Coatings
    • Composite materials
    • Foils
Mid-Infrared Fiber Spectrometer S2050
Bandwidth2.0 - 5.0 µm / 2000 - 5000 cm-1
Resolution6 cm-1
Exposure time11µs - 1 s
Maximum spectrum readout rate400 Hz
Minimum input power at 3.7 µm at 1 s5 pW / nm
Saturation input power at 3.7 µm at 11 µs0.1 mW / nm
Bit depth16 bit
Optical input200 µm InF multimode fibre (Free space optional)
ConnectionEthernet or USB
Physical dimensions (h × l × w)90 mm × 275 mm × 175 mm

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